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The nation Israel still uses this calendar today. If you study the Bible and then diligently cross-reference other ancient Jewish and non-Jewish historical records and writings you can arrive at a fairly accurate and well-documented time-line beginning with Adam.

Pawn of Prophecy

When you study the Scriptures and other ancient Jewish manuscripts you will find the Year the beginning of the 7th Millennium roughly corresponds to the year A. Most of the early Christian and Jewish writers thought so. I GOD will bring distress on Mankind, so that they shall walk like the blind, because they have sinned against the LORD; their blood shall be poured out like dust, and their flesh like dung. Bishop Usher ……..

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At the very end of the years the year AM or sometime around A. This time will be unlike anything ever known to man. The World will be utterly destroyed.

Ancient Prophecy / Testimony

The Kingdom Age. Messiah Christ will return to Earth to save a remnant of Israel from the armies of the world who will one day come against Jerusalem. Jesus Christ will then fully restore the Earth in perfect peace and beauty. Human life spans will be greatly expanded, the lion shall lie down with the lamb, He will wipe away all tears, and He will destroy His last enemy, death. It will be filled with peace, beauty, joy, happiness, laughter, love, and great thanksgiving … there will be no loneliness, no sickness, no death … and it will never be boring!

Six days a week we work, and on the Shabbat we rest and enjoy the fruits of our labor; the same is true with millenniums. The source of the Talmudic statement quoted is Rosh Hashana 31a and Sanhedrin 97a. Two thousand of the six thousand years are characterized by chaos; two thousand years are characterized by Torah, from the era of the Patriarchs until the end of the mishnaic period; and two thousand years are the period of the coming of the Messiah. The six-thousand years would be divided into three ages of two thousand years each.

In the Talmud in Sanhedrin 97 it is written:.

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In the first two thousand there was desolation; [i. It is a tradition that Abraham was fifty-two years old when he began to convert men to the worship of the true God; from Adam until then, two thousand years elapsed] two thousand years the Torah flourished; and the next two thousand years is the Messianic era, [i. Messiah will come within that period] but through our many iniquities all these years have been lost. As out of seven years every seventh is a year of remission, that God alone may be exalted in that day. Adam and Eve were created in B.

A special clock, known as the Messiah clock, has been counting down the final arrival of the Messiah for the last years, giving hope and inspiration to generations of Jews during turbulent times. The Vilna Gaon spent much of his life studying Jewish concepts about the Messiah and yearned to move to Israel to hasten the process of redemption.

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  • Well versed in mathematics and astronomy, the Vilna Gaon used his secular and religious scholarly background to come up with a unique method of tracking time based on the Hebrew calendar and a combination of Jewish sources found in the Talmud Sanhedrin 97a. Based on his specific calculations, the Messiah clock was created and has been slowly ticking down towards his ultimate arrival.

    Isaiah and the Messianic King

    Currently, the Jewish calendar year is Currently, based on the time of the Messiah clock, the year will occur in of the Gregorian calendar, indicating that the Messiah must arrive before then. From the Talmud we have learned Elijah taught the Years would be divided as follows:. Then He will truly rest during the Millennial reign, which is the seventh day.

    It is evident, therefore, they will come to an end in the six thousandth year. When this number is complete, the consummation must take place. Early Christian writers held that at the end of 6, years of history, Christ would return and reign for 1, years referred to as the Millennium.

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    These included Barnabas c. Now of that number, there be passed 5, years as of A. His chronology was based on Christ being born in 4 B. The writings of other church fathers such as Victorinus, Bishop of Petau and Hippolytus support the argument that the Apostles and the early church believed and taught that the Millennium would commence at the end of 6, years.

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