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What makes you think she wants to be with you? Orlando sighed. You can be attracted to someone. You can be willing to marry someone. But it takes time to get to know if that someone is the right one for you. The best thing I could have done was keep my distance. No matter how painful. And it had been painful. All he could do was admire her from a distance, watching as she laughed and talked with everyone but him.

His friend groaned. The whole thing is very improper. Orlando had no doubt it would. This was going to be the beginning of his life with Lady Hawkins. Then, and only then, would his life finally be complete. Toggle navigation FullEnglishBooks. Copyright Ruth Ann Nordin V1. There was a terrible storm. He went overboard.

Toby lowered the book onto his lap and grimaced. I wanted something more entertaining than history or politics. And close the door, please. And that is a wonderful feeling. Gamble With Hearts by Hilary Gilman. Cop Out by Ellery Queen. Unmanned by Fesperman, Dan. Even now, I find it lacking in good taste.

He had hoped Christopher would put aside such nonsense when he married Agatha. Agatha was, after all, very much a lady—dignified and proper in every way. What she saw in Christopher, Perry would never understand. That would be boring for everyone, especially you.

What you need is to laugh more. You need to have fun. Enjoy life. Embrace the moment while you have it. Stop watching life pass you by. Get out there and make it happen. Your way of having fun has required me to scramble funds together to get you out of trouble. No matter how true it is. I am here on your behalf. You need a wife, and the sooner you get one, the sooner you will have something better to do than to go over that ledger or play chess or talk of war and laws. Which brings me to my earlier statement. You need to create a scandal. All you need to do is find a lady you like and kiss her.

But do it in public where everyone else can see. Perry shook his head and opened his mouth to protest but he quickly added, If kissing a lady makes you nervous, then hug her or touch her inappropriately. Brush your hand over her breast. Christopher followed him as he headed for the door. Thankfully, his cousin had the foresight to close the door so none of the servants overheard them.

Christopher made it to the door first and jumped in front of it. All it ever did was slow him down when he wanted to get away from his cousin. Before you reject the idea, Christopher began, at least consider it. And each Season is worse than the one before. Do you know what people are saying? This is the year you can prove them wrong. Despite what his cousin thought, Perry was very much aware that some people called him that, but he refused to let it bother him. Most of those busybodies were miserable in their marriages.

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Now, move aside so I can put this ledger where it belongs. Find a lady you like and create a scandal with her. Will you please move? Perry stared at him, unwilling to break eye contact. He forced his jaw to relax. Though Perry had no idea what he meant, he figured he was better off not knowing. Instead, he climbed the stairs, aware that Christopher left the townhouse. There was no denying how quiet it was now that his cousin was married.

The Earl's Stolen Bride

Sometimes, especially at times like this, he enjoyed the silence. One day Christopher would inherit his title. Paula listened carefully to the two gentlemen talking on the street below her bedchamber window. Since she spent most of her time in her room, she made it a habit of opening the window and listening as people passed by. Sometimes she could make out parts of their conversation, and in this instance, one of the gentlemen had a loud enough voice that it was easy to hear what he was saying, something she was grateful for on this particular day.

There was a ball that night at Toplyn Hall.

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Her brother never told her where he was going, but after lunch, he had asked his valet to have his best outfit ready for the evening. She bet he was going to the ball. And she further guessed he was going in hopes of finding a wealthy lady. God help the lady who married him. Her problem was getting out of the horrible marriage to the Duke of Leavenshire, and in order to do that, she needed to find another gentleman to marry. Up to now, her brother had insisted on keeping her home.

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There was nowhere she could go without the protection of a gentleman who would stand between her and her brother. And she could abide by their rules…as long as she found a loophole.

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She closed her window and slipped out of her bedchamber.