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A gentle reminder of what we stand to lose when we lock away loss.

A happy childhood sends a child into adulthood with a baggage of confidence and kindness instead of disillusionment and anger. The human brain needs time to process, categorize, prioritize, analyze, and otherwise make sense of all of the trillions of bits of information that it receives each day. Non-structured playtime for children functions much like sleep does for adults, giving their brains the time and space they need to move short-term memory to long-term learning.

In the world of a child wonders are as simple as sticks and sheets, leaves and books, boxes and giggles, and the promise in a rainy day. The Seven Wonders of the World of Childhood. Children who love to read…READ!

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Raising Bookworms. From hitting to defiance to tantrums to testing the boundaries and more, here are gentle parenting tools, tips, and techniques… Practical Gentle Discipline. Are You My Mother? Eastman a Dr. Seuss Beginner Book. One of my all-time favorite books for little ones. Then the little bird saw a Big Thing. So enchanted with you were the wind and the rain that they whispered the sound of your wonderful name.

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It sailed through the farmland, high on the breeze…. I can do it! Lots of fun! I am a seal, and I can clap my hands. Can you do it? I am an elephant, and I can stomp my foot, can you do it? Corduroy by Don Freeman. Corduroy is a bear who once lived in the toy department of a big store. The Best Nest by P. Bird was happy. He was so happy he had to sing. I love my nest. In all the world my nest is best! Bird came out of the house.

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Rag-tag Little Critter is always getting into scrapes, and this day is no different as his curiosity gets him into trouble time and time again. Big A, little a, what begins with A? Big B, little b, what begins with B? Barber, baby, bubbles, and a bumble-bee…. Listen, I have an idea. Maybe you do not understand…. I tried to take a nap just for you, but the bed was too bouncy.

When I am getting sleepy and snuggling in my bed, the moon is just rising to go to work instead. He winks at all the children and whispers them goodnight, them hums a gentle lullaby and switches on his light…. God made all that you can see, mountains, rivers, and every tree. Every person in every land-He made us all with His own hand…. The beauty of this book is the fun use of onomatopoeias that every little one will enjoy saying along with you as you read this to them again and again and again!

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What a beautiful day! Long, wavy grass. Oh no! In this sweet, lyrical story a little llama struggles with bedtime separation from his Mama llama until she comes and soothes his fears and helps him fall asleep. Llama llama red pajama reads a story with his mama.

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Mama llama goes downstairs. Mommies and Daddies will love this book as much as their little ones will with its whimsical photos of a sleeping baby traveling the world, sailing the seas, and resting among the moon and the stars in this unique and sweetly humorous first book from new mama, Adele Enersen. When my baby dreams of traveling the world…she starts her journey on the back of an Indian elephant…. Polar Bear, Polar Bear, what do you hear? I hear a lion roaring in my ear.

Lion, Lion, what do you hear? I hear a hippopotamus snorting in my ear…. While all of my children and I! What could possibly be better for your little superhero than a lift-the-flap, touch-n-feel, interactive Batman board book? Not much! An artist paints people in all different places and captures the feelings that show in their faces….

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Fairy tales in childhood are stepping stones throughout life, leading the way through trouble and trial. The value of fairy tales lies not in a brief literary escape from reality, but in the gift of hope that goodness truly is more powerful than evil and that even the darkest reality can lead to a Happily Ever After. Do not take that gift of hope lightly.

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Hope is what gives life to dreams, making the fairy tale the reality. There is such a rush these days to get children sleeping through the night, weaned off the breast, eating solid foods, potty trained, reading independently, and on and on, that we seem to have lost the ability to simply enjoy life as it happens and let our children do the same.

A Return to Childhood. Successful reading means far more than possessing the ability to read. Engaging the hearts of students moves reading success beyond a life skill and turns it into a life style. And graphic novels are too powerful of a tool in our arsenal to be disregarded because of pride or prejudice. Parenting choices strongly impact the level and type of attachment a child develops and, by extension, the development of a love of learning.

Parents fostering a healthy attachment are thus also fostering a life-long love of learning in their children. Love, Play, Learn! Knost available on Amazon and through other major retailers. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, grab a cozy chair, and join me on the journey of a lifetime…. It made my heart so happy to see childhood…just real, everyday, the-way-children-through-the-ages-have-played kind of childhood at its most honest and robust and carefree.