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What or who inspired it? Funnily enough, the initial kernel of inspiration came when I was contacted out of the blue by a company of UK investigators, which had been hired to track down relatives of an elderly woman who had died without leaving a will. I had no idea that these kinds of businesses existed to locate heirs to estates but it struck me that it would be a very interesting line of work. Of course, if my inheritance had been millions, I might have simply abandoned writing to lie on a beach somewhere and this book might never have eventuated.

What was the biggest challenge, writing it? What did you want to achieve with this book? For me the most important thing is to give the reader the same thing that I want from any book — a bloody good read. I love books that sweep me away into the middle of a captivating place or situation or relationship so I hope that Desert Flame does that for readers.

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Are there any parts of it that have special personal significance to you? Having moved to Australia from England in my twenties, I found Australia outside the cities truly strange and wonderful. What do you see as the major themes in Desert Flame? The importance of reconciliation with the past while forging your own destiny is something of a recurring theme in the book. To whom have you dedicated the book and why? When I was in my teens, I started reading them too, and then started writing my own, long-hand initially. So it really started from there. Who do you think will enjoy your book? Desert Flame will appeal to those who enjoy a scorching romantic suspense set in the harsh Australian outback.

What three things do you dislike? Reality TV, injustice, arrogance — oh, and broad beans am I allowed four? What would you like to think people can get from reading your book? I hope everyone falls in love with the characters and enjoys sharing their journey. And if the book encourages people to explore the wilder, more remote places of Australia so much the better.

What do you think your life will be like 20 years from now? As far as possible, I like things to just happen. However, I assume I will still be writing as my passion for it has only become stronger over the years. Being able to spend more time in the UK and Europe where my roots are would be great. I am fascinated by the Ancient Britons and Celts and would like to try my hand at writing romance with historical elements. It might be good if I had a dog in my life at some point in the future.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

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I have tried to work to a written structure and key plot points. It works for a while and I always end up taking a detour or a different fork in the road. Sometimes your instincts know better than your brain which path the story or character should take.

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Algorithms Pleasance Courtyard, Clark plays Brooke, who is rebounding from her last relationship and hurtling towards a 30th birthday she desperately wants to celebrate with a new partner. Wild Swimming Pleasance Courtyard, We start roughly at the end of the 16th century on the Dorset coast with Nell Alice Lamb and Oscar Annabel Baldwin , two more-than-friends who trade in quickfire insults as they dash in and out of the sea.

Deliciously immodest, formally inventive and searingly clever. F Off Underbelly Cowgate, The audience are asked to be the jury in the trial of the people v Mark Zuckerberg; a mum standing to be MP starts working with a conniving tech company while her daughter starts DMing a stranger on Twitter. Fishbowl Pleasance Courtyard, 1pm, until 26 August This wordless comedy is about three neighbours at the top of a Parisian apartment block.

We see their cramped quarters and the rooftop overhead. The Accident Did Not Take Place Pleasance Courtyard, 1pm, until 26 August Actor Jim has been invited on stage for a pivotal role in a show that uses drama-school exercises to investigate the nature of truth. Life Is No Laughing Matter Summerhall, 1pm, until 18 August Demi Nandhra focuses on her experience of depression and the inadequate care she was offered. One doctor prescribed exercise and bananas; another suggested Nandhra might feel better if she got married.

For all its deceptive lightness, Life Is No Laughing Matter is making a serious and necessary intervention. CL Read the review. Vigil Summerhall, 1pm, until 25 August Projected on to the wall at the back of the stage are names like jumping anchovy, indefatigable Galapagos mouse, psychedelic rock gecko. Performer Tom Bailey tries to bring these species back to life by imagining what they behaved like with his body. Beautiful, contemplative, sometimes funny and not at all preachy, this is a remarkable and urgent show. AN Read about more Edinburgh climate crisis shows. Beach Body Ready Pleasance Courtyard, 1.

By unapologetically taking up space with their bodies and their experiences, the performers refuse to be shamed into silence.

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Collapsible Assembly Roxy, 1. Essie is trapped atop a stone plinth dusted in dirt. Gigantic spikes of rock splinter the air around her. Her feet dangle. Having lost her job and broken up with her girlfriend, she is in every way ungrounded. For All I Care Summerhall, 1.

The script is limited in its political range. Mythos, a Trilogy Festival theatre, 1. Fry steers us through stories of bravery, cunning and struggle with boyish enthusiasm, his voice rounded and reassuring. Pleasance Courtyard, 1. It is and Ashley is lost in a dreamworld, turning vacuum cleaner extensions into lightsabers and bouncing around her flat like a Harlem Globetrotter. Art Heist Underbelly, 1. Borrowing playfully from films such as Mission: Impossible , its opening minutes present us with three would-be art thieves, each on a quest to steal the same famous painting.

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Immediately, the comic possibilities are ample. But beneath its often hilarious gags and comic chaos the show worries away at questions of value, meaning and expression. Steven Wright on trumpet punctuates with punk tracks given a jazz makeover. Performed with choreographic grace and a mesmerising delivery, she tells of journeys into new lands where the delight of discovery becomes soured by prejudice. Like Animals Summerhall, 2. What makes us think we are entitled to rule over animals yet also communicate with them like friends?

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Ane City Assembly Roxy, 2. In a lively blend of spoken-word poetry and night-on-the-tiles narrative, she describes a town of which she is less proud than protective, meeting hippies in the Art Bar and hallucinating about the statue of Robert Burns, while recalibrating her relationships with friends, family and the landscape of her youth. The Happiness Project Army the Fringe, 2. You might even get a hug at the end. Beat Pleasance Dome, 2. Dressed in white, Bellus is nervy and wide-eyed.