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Its purpose is to prevent announcements and activities by public bodies which could influence or be seen to influence the election. Purdah is not regulated by statute but governed by conventions based largely on the Civil Service Code.

The Commencement of the Pre-Election Period ('Purdah')

It commits civil servants to upholding the core Civil Service values of integrity, honesty, objectivity and impartiality and forms part of their terms and conditions of service. The Fixed Term Parliament Act removed the prerogative power of the Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister to dissolve parliament and trigger a general election.

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The Act set the date of the first general election under the new fixed term arrangements on 7 May and thereafter on the first Thursday in May in every fifth year. The next election was therefore scheduled to take place on 7 May However, parliament has voted to dis-apply those provisions and to call an early general election.

The Early Parliamentary General Election Act , which achieved royal assent on 31 October and came into force the same day, provides for an early parliamentary general election to take place on 12 December Purdah commenced when Parliament was dissolved at on 6 November and will run until the end of polling day. However, in the event that the public return a hung parliament, with no party enjoying an overall majority in the House of Commons, then Purdah will likely continue until a new government is formed.

Primarily, it applies to civil servants, ministers and MPs note that in this context, executive agencies like Public Health England are treated as part of Central Government. The general principles and conventions set out in [the] guidance apply to the board members and staff of all NDPBs and similar public bodies. The guidance does not formally apply directly to local NHS organisation, but you are strongly encouraged to abide by its general principles. Unfortunately, what is and is not permitted within purdah is nowhere exhaustively defined. In essence, for Central Government, ministers and civil servants will continue to take decisions on a 'business as usual' basis.

However, decisions will not be taken, or new policies announced, if they are, or may be, politically contentious. Essential business which includes routine business necessary to ensure the continued smooth functioning of government and public services must be allowed to continue.

However, it is customary for Ministers to observe discretion in initiating any new action of a continuing or long term character.

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Decisions on matters of policy on which a new government might be expected to want the opportunity to take a different view from the present government should be postponed until after the election, provided that such postponement would not be detrimental to the national interest or wasteful of public money. Where there is any doubt about whether purdah applies, it will generally be resolved in favour of delaying that action until after the election. We expect similar guidance to be issued shortly and that any such guidance will follow the principles set down by the Cabinet Office.

The main considerations for central government and for bodies across the wider public sector are:. Essentially, during these periods, communications either in the form of announcements or activities should be avoided if they could influence, or be regarded as influencing, the outcome of the General Election.

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  2. "Purdah": the decision-making of public bodies in a pre-election period.
  3. The Commencement of the Pre-Election Period ('Purdah') - Lexology.
  4. The Commencement of the Pre-Election Period ('Purdah').

Public bodies should identify any projects or planned activities which could be affected by purdah and make plans now for dealing with these issues. Alternatively, the team at Browne Jacobson are experts in advising bodies across the public sector and would be happy to provide advice. Choose the way you want to keep up to date with our latest updates and insights. Sign up to our monthly newsletter or join the conversation with our team on LinkedIn.

New Statutory duties to report deaths came into force on 1st October Are you complying with these new legal duties?

Pre-election period: dos and don'ts for the NHS

Browne Jacobson are pleased to have worked in association with Eido to contribute to the Eido third edition Annual Consent Review including Supreme Court ruling in Montgomery, examine notable recent cases and discuss key learnings. The content on this page is provided for the purposes of general interest and information. It contains only brief summaries of aspects of the subject matter and does not provide comprehensive statements of the law.

It does not constitute legal advice and does not provide a substitute for it. Keep up with the latest content from Browne Jacobson:. Contact us. Please sign in with your existing account details. Email address. Sign in Sign in with LinkedIn. Toggle navigation. Search Mobile. The restrictions mean departments must steer clear of influencing the election for instance through releasing positive stories about the party in Government or answering questions about manifesto policies. During purdah, ministers are also required to ensure public funds and resources are not used for campaigning purposes.

Long term plans for the UK are also to be avoided during purdah, as any new Government could have a different stance on these plans and any progress could be damaging to the country or waste money.

General Election What does 'purdah' mean and how does it work? - Chronicle Live

Purdah began on Wednesday, November 6 at Breaches of the restrictions imposed during purdah are taken seriously and are dealt with as a personnel matter for civil servants. If civil servants are required to act in a way that conflicts with the Civil Service Code they can make a complaint to the Civil Service Commission. The commission can then make recommendations about how the matter should be resolved. But, the Prime Minister, as Minister for the Civil Service, has legal power for the management of the civil service. There are no explicit consequences for the Government if they breach the general principles, though there could be political consequences and a constitutional row with the Opposition or with Parliament.

In , a series of complaints was alleged about whether the restrictions were too heavily applied to routine statistical releases and to academics who had received Government funding. Purdah General Election: Parliament was dissolved at In effect, this launched political purdah across the country.

According to parliament.