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Romeo and Juliet - Short Summary

Mowat Editor. In Romeo and Juliet , Shakespeare creates a violent world, in which two young people fall in love. It is not simply that their families disapprove; the Montagues and the Capulets are engaged in a blood feud. And yet, this play set in an In Romeo and Juliet , Shakespeare creates a violent world, in which two young people fall in love. And yet, this play set in an extraordinary world has become the quintessential story of young love. In part because of its exquisite language, it is easy to respond as if it were about all young lovers. Get A Copy.

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Paperback , Folger Shakespeare Library Edition , pages. Published January 1st by Simon Schuster first published More Details Original Title. Verona Italy Italy. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Romeo and Juliet , please sign up. Marti Dolata Best read as a horror story for the parents of teenagers.

The most enjoyable Shakespeare play I've read. Where can I buy Shakespeares popular works at affordable price? Nullifidian Annotated Complete Works editions can be found inexpensively, if you're not particular about them being used or not being the most up-to-date …more Annotated Complete Works editions can be found inexpensively, if you're not particular about them being used or not being the most up-to-date editions. For example, the Norton Shakespeare 2nd edition has been superseded by the 3rd edition, but the 2nd is still a perfectly adequate book.

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If you want individual copies of the plays, I'd recommend the Folger Shakespeare editions. If you find yourself puzzled about a word, phrase, or allusion, you can just move your eye over to the other page and see it defined. You don't have to go to the bottom of the page or the back of the book. And if you're confident about your grasp of Shakespeare's language, you might find the Dover Thrift Editions perfectly adequate.

They're only lightly annotated with footnotes and have only a page-long prefatory note at best, but they're definitely the cheapest individual editions of the plays. See all 80 questions about Romeo and Juliet…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Romeo and Juliet. May 18, Madeline rated it it was ok Shelves: assigned-reading , shakespeare.

Romeo and Juliet, abridged. How old is Romeo supposed to be? I found you a husband! Every Shakespeare heroine needs a sassy gay friend View all comments. Aug 27, Nate rated it did not like it. Her father states she "hath not yet seen the change of fourteen years" in 1. Even in Shakespeare's England, most women were at least 21 before they married and had children. It's not clear how old Romeo is, but either he's also a stupid little kid who needs to be slapped, or he's a child molester, and neither one is a good thing.

When I was in middle school or high school, around the time we read this book, I remember a classmate saying in class that when her and her boyfriends' eyes met across the quad, they just knew they were meant to be together forever. How convenient that her soulmate happened to be an immensely popular and good-looking football player, and his soulmate happened to be a gorgeous cheerleader!

That's not love at first sight, that's lust at first sight. If they were really lucky, maybe as time went on they would also happen to "click" very well, that lust would develop into love it didn't , and they would end up together forever they didn't. But if they saw each other at a school dance, decided they were "like, totally in love," and then the next day decided to run off and get married, we shouldn't encourage that as a romantic love story, we should slap the hell out of them both to wake them up to reality.

For what it's worth, my cynicism doesn't come from any bitterness towards life or love. I met my wife when we were 17, and we've now been together almost 10 years, married for a little over 2. Fortunately for me, she turned out to be awesome. If we had decided the day after meeting each other that we were hopelessly in love and needed to get married immediately, we would have been idiots, and I hope someone who I trusted and respected would have slapped me, hard.

If we were 13 at the time, that would be even worse. Enlightened adults injecting this into our youth as a classic love story for the generations, providing further support for their angst-filled false ideas of love and marriage, is probably worst of all. View all 92 comments. Nov 15, Anne rated it really liked it Shelves: audio , classics , romance , read-in , humor.

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

This is what happens when you jump into a Rebound Relationship. So, when the story opens, Romeo is desperately in love with Rosaline. But since she won't give up the booty has sworn to remain chaste, he's all depressed and heartbroken. Annoying emo style! He takes her words to heart, and her lyrics begin to mend his broken soul. His boys drag his sad ass to a party, and across a crowded room, Romeo spies his next victim Meet 13 year old Juliet. Who is And how old is Romeo?


Well, he's old enough to kill Juliet's cousin in a sword fight, so Probably not But since he's such a punk little pussy - what with the whining, sobbing, and spouting off crap poetry - I'm going to assume he's not much older than she is and say 15 or If I'm wrong, don't correct me. It'll help me sleep tonight. Their families have been feuding over a McCoy pig that was killed during a Hatfield moonshine run decades ago.

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Totally true. I swear. Needless to say, tensions are still running high. They gotta keep their love on the down low. And it is love, dammit! I mean, they've stared at each other a whole bunch, and had, like , two conversations. This time around, Romeo isn't going to make the same mistake as before, and let the new girl of his dreams slip through his fingers Fuck, yeah! Time to get married! Because marriage will solve all your problems. No, really. Pinkie promise! And we all know what happened next, right?! You know, I can't help but wonder what that first encounter would've been like if they'd met when they were older?

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Romeo: Hey baby, Heaven must be missing an angel. Mind if I crawl up to your balcony tonight?

Romeo and Juliet Synopsis

Juliet: The fuck?! And a pretty funny one at that! I originally gave it 3 stars, but I had to bump it up for making me giggle so much. I listened to this on Playaway, so I got to have the audio version with a full cast of characters, sound effects, and music.