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Follow on Twitter. Dell Comics D. Here are a variety of collections or 'archives' of individual characters or popular artists.

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Not specific to any one publisher or theme but popular enough to warrant extra attention from fandom. We recommend all of them for excellent entertainment value. Latest Download:. Risk Our Flag Comics Penalty! This period, which witnessed an explosion of English-Canadian comic book publishing, is now described as the Canadian Golden Age of Comics. Anglo-American Pub Com Ltd. He operated a packaging studio more or less continuously from the mids through , and at times also operated as a publisher.

In Chesler published with Dynamic Publications, Inc. From this point on, most of Chesler's comics would be branded with a logo proclaiming them the "World's Greatest Comics". In , this also identified each issue as "A Dynamic Publication". After just over half a year, Dynamic ceased publishing, he continued producing a few books through surrogates. The surrogate activity picks up dramatically in , leading into Chesler's third major wave of publishing.

Junior, however, was the son of Chesler the publisher, a point of much confusion for latter-day comics researchers. This period lasted through , after which the ongoing titles were continued in Canada by Superior Publishers through early Chesler continued to run his art shop, but no longer published his own comics after Their major competitor in books of comic strip reprints was Frederick A. Stokes, who died in In Three Volumes. Edward Hoare, M. Elizabeth Hely , ? Hosea Ballou, and the Rev. Joseph Buckminster and Rev. With The choice, or, the pleasures of a country-life.

Dedicated to the beaus against the next vacation. English as Dubious author Ward, E. Ellen A. Edith Kellogg , Warden, Ben W. See: Moore, Bloomfield H. English as Author Ward, Walter W. English as Author Warford, Aaron A.

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Robert Stanley See: Bell, R. See: United States. Volume 1. English as Author Ten Thousand a-Year. Volume 2. Volume 3. English as Author Warren, Samuel D.

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Abel G. Washington D. Conway English as Author Journal of my journey over the mountains while surveying for Lord Thomas Fairfax, baron of Cameron, in the northern neck of Virginia, beyond the Blue Ridge, in And Last, At Dartmoor Prison. Setzler and Oscar H. Watkins, Samuel R. English as Performer Watson, Glen W.

Brecknock See: St.

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Bertram Lenox , Weale, J. Cyril M. James Cyril M. Weckerlin; Illustrations de M. English as Author Weeks, A. Jean-Baptiste See: Weckerlin, J. English as Author Welldon, J.

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English as Author Little Wars A Game for Boys from twelve years of age to one hundred and fifty and for that more intelligent sort of girl who likes boys' games and books English as Author Love and Mr. Wells English as Author of introduction, etc. English as Author Wells, Philip P. English as Author Wells, Samuel R. Spencer Thomas Spencer The cremation of the dead considered from an aesthetic, sanitary, religious, historical, medico-legal, and economical standpoint English as Author of introduction, etc.

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Wells, T. English as Author Riven Bonds. Compiled by Dorothy B. John Wesley, Vol. Charles Molloy , ?

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See: Weatherly, F. English as Author Weyl, Walter E. Vortrag, gehalten in der feierlichen Sitzung der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften am Mai The Temple , by George Herbert 5.