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But now? He saw how if he just targeted his abs and he got them to look like a tray of ice cubes rather than a thick layer of whale blubber, the worst that would happen is Laurie would give him another shot to work on himself longer term. Especially if his abs were really cut. That was the strategy, here was the masterplan…. Week 1. Trevor sucks it up and takes it with a smile.

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Week 2. You can actually see muscle fibers twitch beneath the surface of his ever thinning subcutaneous fat when you touch them. Week 3. More than obvious to the eye, this guy unmistakably has abs to die for. Week 4.


Now like clockwork, comes the payoff. Hard like six smooth river rocks under a sheet of Saran Wrap. I wanted him away from LA Fitness for a while. And the women at these other gyms would often pull me aside and ask who my client was. They thought he was a movie star or something, the way I was working him. Anyway, he was catching their eye. It was about this time, I started to give thoughts to documenting my plan and sharing it with guys.

I call my creation, this ultra-targeted abs workout plan The 77 Laws of Six Pack Abs is not a simple list of exercises. Nor is it an encyclopedia of ab fitness, or bodybuilding or even ab workouts. The 77 Laws of Six Pack Abs does one thing and only one thing really well:.

You can also expect several other benefits:. I encourage you to take before, during and after pictures. Send them to me if you want. Law You also get my secret recipe for my famous six pack shake that controls hunger AND alkalizes the body. Law How can Michael Phelps consume 10, Calories a day and not gain an ounce of fat? Law Not a trick question: Which is more beneficial to your long term fitness success? Or 2 Having fun? The answer may surprise you Law What a gold medalist can teach you about sculpting your abs Just read this chart Law One thing you can do to succeed, even if you hate rules, structure and self-discipline You should.

Without a keystone habit everything eventually falls apart. How to find out Law The best way to integrate the Food Rule to eliminate decision fatigue….

How to eat YOUR way to a great physique And identifying them is the first step to crushing your food cravings I mean what price would you pay to be able to lose 20 pounds fast But guess what? This is a book launch Fvck that. I bought this book for you. All you have to do is cover the small cost of shipping.

Once you place your order, your book will be put into the mail and sent directly to your front door so that you can get started packing on slabs of muscle right away. So strings attached. No fine print. I just want to get this book plus the bonuses into your hands. For a moment, I want you to imagine something for me.

Go ahead and look down into it. Bare chest. Faded blue jeans. Look into the mirror again. Into the background. What do you see? A particularly hot woman. Dressed in her Victoria Secrets. Laying on her tummy in a flurry of white sheets. Well, at the end of thirty days, Trevor and Laurie went out to dinner. Kinda upscale but nothing fancy. Laurie was reluctant but still willing.

77 Laws of Six Pack Abs

Trevor deliberately wore a long sleeved shirt. One of those fancy clubbing shirts. At the restaurant, Trevor made sure he sat right next to Laurie , in the very quiet, romantic section. And at some point, Trevor starts unbuttoning his shirt from the bottom up At midpoint, Trevor asks Laurie to close her eyes and hold out her hand.

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  6. He takes her hand and gently guides it to his midsection. With her eyes closed, she tentatively touches his abs and gently starts to feel his stomach. Then she starts to press. And then she starts to poke.

    The Six Pack Master-plan | How To Get Abs In 60 Days | Mindtomusclefitness

    Can I see? She starts unbuttoning his shirt again to see for herself…. Oh my! Your abs are so ripped! What did you do? And she starts kissing him. Not on his mouth Laurie licked and kissed and caressed every crease, every crevice, every bulge of abs. Savoring the moment, he just about came right there. Pretty cool, uh? It gets WAY better later on that night.

    V-ups combine the benefits of a standard crunch and a reverse crunch effectively targeting the entire abdominal region in a single movement.