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Of course, he had learned to open to it. But that new thought is there. Forgiveness is the very nature of Reality. Forgiveness is also a human practice. The question is whether we are with Reality or with the human tendency to judge and resent. Are we doing that or are we doing something different? Reality is loving this person, while we might be holding a grudge. Have you ever noticed yourself doing that with other people? As human beings, we might personalize our relationship with other people in a way that holds a resentment or a judgment or ill intent, whereas forgiveness is letting go of that personal imposition on Reality.

Forgiveness is impersonal. And yet we, as human beings, can tend to impose something else on other people and on ourselves. Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. Reality is breathtakingly beautiful.

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And when we embrace that beauty and let it flow through us, we are forgiving and we enjoy Reality. When we are not, judgment and retribution are our experience. Forgiving is not a grand and noble act.

I think we tend to see it that way. It is realizing that Reality has already forgiven this person. Who am I to go against Reality? Love already forgave them.

His Splendor like the Sunrise: Forgive, and forgive again, and again and again

The love in them forgave them. The love in me has already forgiven them. Am I going to hold it back? But it is possible. Below are strategies that I give my students as they work through the process of self-forgiveness:. Every human being has weaknesses and limitations. Learning what those weaknesses are, and accepting that we have weaknesses is an important step. Acceptance of weaknesses can lead to opportunities to learn and grow.

The most fulfilling part of my job is helping families make healthier choices. You can make decisions. You can work towards being a happier and healthier version of yourself. You can forgive yourself. George, Utah Area Admissions: Facebook Twitter Email. Its a gift we don't earn and can only have the strength for by HIs grace and provision. We need Him to give it to us for our own sake. I always wonder why the servant of Matt 18 couldn't accept that gracious gift from His Master nor could he give it to his fellow servant.

I guess he still wanted to pay his debt on his own terms and so needed others to pay their debt on "his" own terms. Just wanting to be in charge of the rules of life.

Forgiveness Flow for Softening Samskaras

I am still like that servant in certain areas of my life. I thank God that He is showing me this. Thanks for your comment! Forgiveness certainly isn't something that comes naturally, or easy.

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Thank God for His grace! Home About Resources Contact. Friday, June 1, Forgive, and forgive again, and again and again Not Joseph, the father of Jesus, but Joseph with the multi-colored tunic. The reason I am contemplating this interesting family is because I am thinking through forgiveness.

Life gets messy, and those who are supposed to be closest to you can turn on you. Parents, siblings, in-laws and even friends will use and abuse you. The will say things that cut you to your core and will humiliate you in front of others.

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They will do these things feeling they are acting righteously and have no need to apologize or seek forgiveness for their words and actions.