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You can make your wishes one-sided or two-sided based on the suggestions below.

The Wishing Tree | Belinda Northcote Art and Design Studio

Alternatively, you can create your own layout. Please do not be limited to this list as we are sure your students will have amazing ideas for their wishes.

Wishes can be written as statements, poems, in point form or even drawn. Please feel free to be as creative as you like.

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As this project embraces and celebrates diversity in all its forms, we encourage your students to write in their mother tongue. If your students are not writing yet, please feel free to get them to draw their ideas and you can write for them.

The Wishing Tree

Wishes tend to blow off their trees; some believe this means the wish is coming true! We certainly do not want our wishes to pollute our environment! Making wishes is common to many cultures and religions.

Following are just some examples if you know of others please feel free to share. The Japanese Tanabata festival - people write wishes sometimes in the form of poetry on strips of paper and hang them on bamboo. The tree receives about 25 new wishes a day. Most are honest and sincere and seem to resonate with the people who stop to read them. For those who do stop and visit, a real shift in energy occurs as they share their wish.

And for those that watch others take part, it can be incredibly moving to witness what happens for people who have lost that space.

Make a Child’s Holiday Wish Come True

She found him standing in front of tree one day, just staring at the thousands of wishes swaying in the wind, and asked how he was doing and what he thought of the tree. In fact, those in the neighborhood have donated time and supplies to help keep the wishes alive.

When Pacific Northwest rain threatened to ruin the wishes, a neighbor showed up with a laminator to protect the cards, and someone else placed a beautiful stone bench for people to sit on.

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  4. As the tree fills up with wishes, they are taken down and carefully placed in boxes in order to make room for new ones. The tree has created a soft spot for the community and neighborhood as it offers access to people who might be walking or running by, or to people who seek it out hoping to feel the energy that is present when you take the time to share your wishes.

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    Because after all, something magical happens when we all wish in one place. Related Post. Share this article.