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As Lucian journeys through the ancient realms of the dead, he meets the most unexpected old friends and new allies.

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Join him on an adventure where he discovers that he can't just be a superhero anymore, and that he needs to be so much more. He needs to be a hero. He needs to be a god. He needs to be First, I would like to say thank you to my wonderful family who put up with me holed up in my room, writing all the time, and taking me to the store to buy more books to inspire me to do more writing. Thank you for all of the love and support that you all have given me; it is greatly appreciated! Secondly, thank you to Aaron Cooze, Kali Luckhee, Sierra Moore and Zavian Buchanan for proof-reading, plot ideas and helping me keep the story less crowded and direct to the point.

Also to all those at school who read the first copies and gave me all the feedback that I needed. Ten years ago, superheroes were everywhere. Some could fly, some were super strong and some had more power than anyone could even imagine. There was one team of heroes that everyone loved, respected and looked up to more than any other superhero or superhero team, The Titans. They consisted of 12 members who risked their lives for strangers on a daily basis. All until members of their own team turned on them.

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Mercury used his super speed to his advantage; dodging punches just as fast as he could throw them while Artemis fired arrows everywhere until they were eventually overcome. That left Atlas and Marvella. They put up good fights, but Atlas lost it when his notorious partner, also the mother of his child was murdered. Three out of the four most iconic and most experienced members were inevitably beaten….

Atlas beat every single villain that went up against him in a fit of rage. The now powerless Arthur Zimmerman was left to raise his son, Arion, on his own. Ten years ago, the civilians protested against the heroes. People were killed, the damage to the cities was monumental and superheroes were shamed to near-extinction.

That day, the superheroes stopped being super and continued their normal lives. Most of them even lost their powers…. Ten years ago, they never could have imagined the new age of gifted heroes and villains that would come to take their places…. In this installment of the Guardians Saga, Quantum and Atlantica are sucked into a world that neither of them have ever experienced before. Join them on a heated adventure that will leave them wandering the uncharted where Heroes face off against Gods.

Arion soared through the air as he held on to Hyperion. He sped them up though, as fast as he could as they soared through the air. I need you to stop concentrating on not blowing up and give us some more lift. Just a bit.

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Hyperion closed his eyes and there was a small pop and they were deeper in outer space. Arion floated next to Hyperion. Blake Gilbert, Hyperion. One of the new ages greatest and first superheroes. Hyperion looked him in the eye and nodded. You were scared to fly, right, man?

Hyperion asked. This explosion is going to send you hurdling into space. There was one thing that Arion heard, after that, one thing that made everything worth it. In his head he heard one voice say, Arion. I…I love you. Arion could only smile as he realized that it was Jasmine, and then, Hyperion exploded. Lucian put his arm around Jasmine as she cried into his shoulder. They watched Arion soar up into the sky. Jasmine asked. Before Lucian could even answer there was a crack in the sky.

It sounded like thunder multiplied by a thousand and it literally split the sky in half. All of the clouds were pushed aside and Lucian had to bite his lip hard to keep himself from flying off after them. I think we should pass by his house…talk to his dad, Lucian suggested.

Jasmine sniffled. I can do it, if you want! Are you scared of crying women, oh-so-fearless-Quantum? Jasmine mocked.

It sounded more like she was trying not to cry. Before Lucian could say anything, she said, We should get to the machine. They reached the top of the CN tower and saw the machine with a glowing green force field surrounding it. How do we do this? Lucian demanded. Why do villains always put their bombs on timers? Hey…I know that thing, Jasmine said pointing at a part attached to the machine. Lucian examined it for a second. No one will die…". The Dot, an old super villain was auctioning it off.

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Sold to the girl in green—Huntress! Why is everything fitting together so…damned perfectly!? Jasmine demanded. Contain the blast! A burst of energy waves erupted from the machine until it tinted the sky green, almost like a…green sunset. There were about a million jagged lines in the sky as different coloured lightning erupted in all different ways and patterns, spreading across the world.

Jasmine yelled. The machine went off! Jasmine, you saw that explosion, Lucian tried reasoning with her. All that we can do, is keep the team running. What now? Jasmine sucked in a huge breath.

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Better and stronger than before, so that if— when —Arion gets back, he can take the lead again. Lucian nodded. He waved his hand and created a portal in front of them and Meredith hopped through. She punched Lucian in the arm. My name is Lucian Stanley Lieber. You probably know me as Quantum, the greatest energy-manipulating, time-warping, space-bending superhero to ever exist!

Founding member of the Guardians—best member, if I do say so myself. You know me, right? Okay, moving on. Well, you see, a while ago, Titan, Circe, and I all collaborated on our So we put a lot of work into that story, just trying to keep us sane, you know? A portal opened up underneath it and it was gone forever! Every single digital version was erased from our computers; it was as if it had never even existed.

A little while after I ended up going dimension-hopping and saw this book: Gifted: Book 1 of the Guardians Saga published by some kid from Toronto or something.

Uncharted: Book 2 of the Guardians Saga

Lawrence and English Romanticism. Free Ebook Midnight's Daughter. Try out these fantastic titles without spending a dime. On this page you'll find Uncharted: Book 2 of the Guardians Saga book, and all of them are completely free! Get much more book in New Releases book category and more various other book categories.