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Speaking about the conflicting opinions surrounding the awards granted to Bohemian Rhapsody, Brian May. You saw I went very quiet after the Oscars were over, signaling the end of the whole movie awards season. What really happened? We then, shockingly, walked away with four Oscars — the top haul of the night.

The head of local production came up to me and shook my hand as we left the auditorium. So — everyone assumes that we would then all go forth, deliriously partying with not a care in the world. I was, and I am, deeply grateful for our Freddie film being recognised in a way we never had the audacity to expect.

But I found the public activity behind the whole awards season, and the behaviour of the media writers surrounding it, deeply disturbing. Vitriol and dishonesty, and blatant attempts to shame and influence the members into voting the way they, in their arrogance required them to. But, when the curtain came down, I was left with very mixed feelings.

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More than any other band, The Clash expanded the notion of what punk was musically by combining genres such as reggae, dub, ska, rockabilly, funk, nascent hip-hop, and much more besides — then taking it to the world. The Clash was the only band from the initial surge of energy that comprised the London punk scene in to go truly global and to stick around long enough to enjoy it. The Sex Pistols gained international notoriety, but disintegrated after merely one studio album, confirming for many of the old-guard critics that punk was, indeed, the disposable flash-in-a-pan movement that they had suspected it to be.

To understand the inner workings of The Clash one must first understand the pyschogeography of the city that spawned them — London — and the sociocultural climate of Britain at the time, both of which the band inextricably wove into their music and their aesthetic. The future members of the band were all born in the post-war period, when rationing was only just ending and many aspects of Britain had changed little since Victorian times.

The members all came of age in the late sixties and early seventies,. Live Led Zeppelin, who strutted around like overblown rock music ever, being performances were legendary, and though untouchable other-worldly gods. Others created by the privileged few who had neither band sold many records while were more self-indulgent and ludicrous, been allowed into the old-boy network they were in existence, they did set a new such as the absurd fantasy world of establishment that was the British music standard for how far rock music could — progressive rock or glam-pop hybrids, as industry.

Underground stripped things down All well and good, but by the and painted them black, while in ''I was aware of the early seventies in London the their wake the New York Dolls political system early bastardised the bluesy imprint great British cultural explosion had passed, and despite what of the Stones with a hard-edged, on and I grew up the history books might suggest, if shambolic, street-smart sound listening to a lot of the everyday reality of life and and flamboyant, confrontational mainstream culture had been presentation. All these bands influenced more edge than a lot Life for the young men and those few visionaries who decided women in the street was a far to take this disparate music to of contemporary music cry from the world of the stars another level, none more so than insofar of political presented in NME or on Top of Queens quartet the Ramones, the Pops, who operated from their whose genius lay in their simplicity content With their country mansions or taxthree chords, energy in abundance, Paul Simonon dodging foreign retreats.

This it into something more forceful, documented this initial wave of such Music Legends.

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Import copies of Stella, in a West London tower block that how come I was the one out delivering albums by these bands were only just overlooked the Westway, that Ballardian the leaflets and he was the one at home filtering through to London, where the concrete flyover road that ran through watching the telly! So I was aware of charts were largely ruled by inane popand over the heart of the city. The the political system early on and also, and-ballad bands or flares-wearing obviously, because I grew up progressive rockers; however, this listening to a lot of reggae, music new sound would have a direct that had more edge than a lot '' For Joe it was folk effect on the culture-junkie future of contemporary music insofar music - people like members of The Clash.

It seemed Before that, though, it was in normal. For all of areas of Streatham and Brixton, there was the knowledge us there was the knowledge that respectively, that Mick Jones and a song can be about things other that a song can be Paul Simonon both born than love, kissing, and having a found entry into music through the nice dance. The Clash were famed for their energy and angst. Their heavily politicised lyrics, relentless appetite for exploring new musical genres and rebellious edgy attitude had a far-reaching influence on popular music.

These limited edition releases feature highlights from four legendary broadcasts recorded during the halcyon years of The Clash spanning from — , which culminated in their legendary appearance at the US Festival. The two songwriters, Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, each took guitar and vocal duties.

Their differing styles complemented one another. Jones had a gentler and higher singing voice and a more fluid playing style, while Strummer compensated for a lack of melody with distinct and raw vocals and a stabbing, rhythmic approach that would be a huge influence on punk. Paul Simonon, meanwhile, took up the easier-to-handle role of bass guitarist. After some intense rehearsal the fiveSex Pistols , Paul and Mick contacted recognised from the London scene — piece group travelled to Sheffield to play Strummer to join the new outfit they John Mellor, better known by his more their first show at the Black Swan pub were putting together.

All involved had proletarian-sounding nickname Joe in July The following month, in already been to see — and been blow away Strummer. After a stint rehearsals we'd sit down in Public Image Limited, whose as a Dylan-and-Guthrie-inspired output would be as folk singer called Woody Mellor, and ask each other what post-punk musically influential as that of the Strummer was living in a squat we wanted out of it We Pistols, and more commercially and fronting the respected pubsuccessful too. Ironically, it was rock band the ers, who the pair cross-referenced with a partnership solidified during had seen and enjoyed, particularly each other and asked We both hated our respective bands.

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I knew I definitely wanted to leave The Clash and John and I had already spoken about getting together if we did. The raw energy of it all inspired me. As Levene noted, much of this manoeuvring was down to manager Bernie Rhodes. What makes this band Clash was certainly the most different? Though '''Where are we going? We wanted to their early sound, a constant more depth, a more human to their art — including, different? The Sex Pistols paint-splattered, Pollock-inspired more human approach The were still dressing like it was the sixties.

Strummer famously spat in the timelyClash played with the Pistols as well as To hammer the point home, they also written As they played more shows, such other new bands as The Damned daubed slogans onto their instruments the likes of NME, Melody Maker, and and the ace all-girl trio the Slits. Heartbreakers, a piratical but likeable band often acknowledged as being the first to bring heroin into the British punk scene. The four bands shared, first a tour bus and many drunken shenanigans, and then collective disbelief, as shows were cancelled following the Pistols infamous expletive-addled debut TV appearance on The Bill Grundy Show.

Overnight punk went national and was the subject of much criticism from the reactionary UK tabloid newspapers. A wave of negativity washed over the tour and only seven of the original twenty-one shows.

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Suddenly, the drummer-less band, who were used to sleeping in draughty squats and existing on lager and speed, had some money to spend. They recorded their debut album quickly, with Chimes back on drums. In April, their debut album, The Clash, was released to critical acclaim. The Clash explored alienation, boredom, frustration, drugs, unemployment and identity crisis.

It oozed anxiety and negativity, though only in the realist sense; they were, for much of their career, naively optimistic. The cover image captured Joe, Paul, and Mick, blank-eyed, lean and mean in their customised clothing and sporting uniformly cropped hair, a rare look for Mick Jones, who as a guitarist from the Richards-Thunders school of style preferred to keep his longer.

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This perfectly packaged musical Molotov cocktail entered the UK album charts at a creditable No. A band is only as good as its drummer, and Topper provided both the solid backbone and the diversity to push the quartet forward. He proved to be a major contributing factor to their expansive output in the early eighties.

The Clash Released on 8 April , The Clash is remembered as one of the greatest albums of all time. The classic Clash line-up was in place and the band set out on tour as punk rock snowballed around them. A series of key events took place throughout , that would place punk and The Clash in the history books. Gigs played during this period were some of the most exciting that provincial Britain had ever witnessed, and the direct influence of The Clash would be evident in the many second-wave bands that were soon forming right across the UK as a direct result of seeing them live ; bands such as the Undertones, Skids, the Ruts, and countless others.

For better or worse, each took their own influence from The Clash. The duo spent much of the week in their hotel room, writing such new songs as Safe European Home, about their feelings of displacement as Europeans in a foreign land, and the machine-gun rhythms of the powerful, soon-to-be live-favourite Tommy Gun. It worked. The album was a collection of songs that mixed mythmaking tales of robbery, stabbings and drug raids with more emotive moments, like the tender Stay Free. It was a strong rock album that has stood the test of time, yet it was neither the raw, amphetamine-dabbing punk of the previous year nor the pan-international flavoured releases of the next decade.

It was the first — and maybe only — true concession the band made towards their record company, who were intent. We're against ignorance. The sleeve features a vivid image of a cowboy being eaten apart by crows as a horseman in black watches on. Jones and Strummer had become enamoured with the artwork after seeing it displayed in San Francisco. They were also banned from a hotel chain for the theft of a pillowcase, and survived minor drug busts, increasingly riotous shows, and their fair share of hedonism.

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The aforementioned second-wave bands had turned it into a fixed, easily identifiable subculture. It was no longer in the hands of a select few dozen, artistically minded pioneers making vastly different music in London and Manchester, and instead was rapidly passing into parody. Just compare Siouxsie and the Banshees with Buzzcocks or Subway Sect to see how diverse early punk could be.

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The classic Clash line-up in Stir drugs, violence, money wrangles, paranoia, a politicised manager Malcolm McLaren , and worldwide fame into the mix and the Pistols were destined to implode. It happened during their first US tour, a jaunt that, possibly ill advisedly, took in the less-tolerant cowboy towns of the South, where these four malnourished London kids faced down audiences comprised of burly cowboys who saw them as a threat.

They also reached plenty of young American fans bowled over by punk, even if their interpretation was markedly different to that of, say, singer Johnny Rotten, widely acknowledged as the brains of the band. The Sex Pistols had split in January , amid acrimony and exhaustion after a chaotic show in San Francisco, and Vicious continued on a downward spiral aided by heroin and errant girlfriend Nancy Spungen.

It was a fall that was even more rapid than his ascension, and one that culminated in Spungen dying from a stab wound in a New York hotel room. No one would ever find out the truth, for Sid overdosed on heroin while out on bail in January Punk had destroyed one of its premier exponents, and in some ways the unwitting Vicious had killed off punk. What once was fun, mischievous, creative and culturally relevant was now something altogether darker. The demise of the Pistols is important to understanding the longevity of The Clash. The sad death of the band — figuratively and, tragically, literally — who had kicked down the doors provided a valuable lesson.

We asked and you answered! For each issue we will be putting the big questions to the public. We will be finding answers to the queries that rock fans have debated for decades. Keep an eye on the Music Legends Facebook page to have your say in our next poll.

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This issue we asked…. What is the greatest album of all time? The results are in; they have been checked, double-checked, triple-checked and verified, and the winner is… drum roll please…. Despite enjoying success before as a band, it was this magnum opus that really brought Pink Floyd to the masses and cemented their status as rock icons. Dark Side of the Moon was originally developed at the Decca rehearsal studio in Broadhurst Gardens, West Hampstead during and The basic idea was to make a record about the different pressures of modern life, however the album concept would eventually be expanded to cover all facets of life, including death, time and particularly mental illness; an issue that strongly affected the band through the struggles of their founder member Syd Barrett.

It was so completely understanding and musically questioning.

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Following the conclusion of these recording sessions in March there were various scheduled tour dates around the globe that kept Pink Floyd busy for the majority of , and with the exception of one month, May—June, it was not until 9 January , that Pink Floyd were able to find the time in their schedule to complete the album. Despite the difficulties in finding time to record, Pink Floyd have always looked fondly on these years, and regarded the development of Dark Side of the Moon as the time at which they worked most harmoniously as a band.

This unity is perhaps part of what makes the album so successful as a piece, with all band members working together towards a singular goal.