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Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free. We have 10 base-panel doctors who will then conduct interviews on mail, and if necessary through chat or Skype. Then the homeopathic process of repertorization — which is finding the likeliest drugs — is done and the case sent to the expert, who chooses the right medicine, which is then couriered. If the result is not up to the mark, the case is reviewed by the expert panel.

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A: Not at all. George Lucas, a doctor of medicine in psychiatry from Greece who uses only homeopathy, is on board. There are some others. Of course the Indian side is pre-eminent — many of them converted allopathic practitioners, like Dr. Jaswant Patil; Dr. Rajendra Sonawane, who has treated 14, cases of psoriasis; Dr.

Girish Gupta, who has cured over a thousand cases of fibroids; Dr. My own special expertise is in cancer and bronchial asthma. A: Yes, we are offering free services to the Armed Forces and we are also planning to do the same for the Mumbai police and the labourers of the film industry. In April , we are also having an Autism Week and will adopt autistic children for a year for treatment. Q: There is still a lot of global resistance to homeopathy. How do you tackle that? A: Things change only when people demand the change. We have over on-site videos from international celebrities including actors, singers and sportsmen who talk of what homeopathy has done for them and their careers.

A: Yes, vaccination. You cannot imagine the global chaos created worldwide by this. I agree that polio, BCG and tetanus are essential given the pros and cons, but for the rest, certain diseases must — I say must! The suppression by these vaccines leads to deadly diseases later.

Gauransh Bharatiya’s childhood Asthma was treated by Dr. Jawahar Shah with Homeopathy

You see, homeopathy for over years has believed in giving human-specific remedies, which modern medicine, including oncologists, is coming around to now! Homeopathy has always respected individuality. I also plead that children should only be given homeopathy so that their immunity is boosted and along with that their intelligence and emotions are in the right balance. A: Five generations of my family are into homeopathy, and I graduated in from Mumbai. My son was prescribed antibiotics, his ear cleared up, but when the antibiotics were stopped, up popped another infection.

Then, more antibiotics and later yet another infection. Finally, the pediatrician recommended that what the kid needed was to be on one solid year of daily antibiotics writing this now, I feel myself cringe. But after three weeks of this treatment, our household was celebrating National Diarrhea Week and heading into to National Diarrhea Month could a year-long celebration be far behind? I did know that my medical school professors considered all homeopaths deluded quacks delivering worthless sugar pills, their patients equally deluded victims. The homeopath advised my wife to take our boy off all dairy and prescribed Pulsatilla 30 C.

In a week, he seemed fine. Certainly the diarrhea was gone. A month passed without an ear infection, then two months. He was never to have another ear infection again. Although he deeply respected alternative medicine and had written books about it, he drew the line at homeopathy. It was beyond unscientific, he said, defying all principles of physical chemistry and physiology. But Dr. Within a few days, his heartburn was gone for good. Of course not everyone gets these results with homeopathy.

Nor is it recommended for everything, even by the best of homeopaths.

These Homeopathic App Founders Talk About Digitizing The Ancient Medicinal Practice

Serious illnesses, no. An alternative to needed surgery, no. But for many common ailments, homeopathic remedies are just fine. At one time the US had dozens of homeopathic medical schools and now it has none. There are roughly 1, natural substances herbs, minerals, and the like that, taken in large amounts by a well person, would produce specific symptoms. But if you happen to be suffering from those symptoms, taking a highly diluted form of that same substance triggers your body to start healing itself. The highly diluted Nux, as Dr Weil discovered, cures it. What most physicians and scientists have trouble swallowing is the second homeopathic principle, called potentization.

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This means that the more a substance is diluted, the more powerful a remedy it becomes. In highly potentized homeopathic remedies, there is actually no remaining molecule of the original substance, which causes conventional doctors to start screaming, while homeopaths see no problem.

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With serial dilution, the energy of the substance imprints itself on the diluting fluid. More dilution, more energy. When I got to my explanation of potentization and subtle energies, half the audience walked out of the room.

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  4. At the end, when I asked if there were questions, the room was silent. OK, then. My take on homeopathy I think homeopathy is great for common ailments, both for you and your children. A lot of the studies in conventional medical journals showing good results with homeopathy are in pediatric populations.

    Kids really like homeopathic remedies: tiny sweet pellets melt in their rosebud mouths, taken without any complaint at all. Your child certainly needs a primary care pediatrician, if for nothing else than administering required immunizations and signing physical exam forms for school. Sujatha Mannal in our group.

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