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Everything about a chicken suggests careful design. Even a chicken's egg is well designed. The embryo nestles safely inside, surrounded and cushioned by amniotic fluid and nourished by the yolk. Metabolic wastes are insulated from the rest, while oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged across the hard but porous shell.

Which Came First? Eggs Before Chickens, Scientists Now Say

A healthy female chicken produces just such a system nearly once a day, and can even preserve male sperm inside her body to continue fertilizing eggs for several days after mating. The creationist can clearly see the Creator's hand in each feature, phase, and function of both chicken and egg. The evolutionist has a different story to tell, however.

To them, chickens evolved from other kinds of birds, although which ones remains unclear. It wasn't flightless birds which gave rise to chickens, because they are thought to have descended from birds which could fly but lost that ability through mutation. Actually, the origin of all types of birds which live today are shrouded in mystery leading bird expert, Alan Feduccia, to proclaim, "The origin of birds is still up in the air.

It's fashionable today to claim that birds evolved from dinosaurs, although again, there is little agreement on which dinosaur lineage was ancestral to birds.

Problem Solved: The Egg Came First

The claim persists in spite of the fact that birds and dinosaurs differ markedly. Legs must become wings and scales must become feathers. Dinosaurs had solid bones, yet bird bones are hollow. Reptilian dinosaurs were likely cold blooded while birds are warm blooded with an extremely high metabolism.

Dinosaurs had lungs similar to mammals, while the bird's breathing scheme is totally different. The eggs were about 5 inches 12 cm long and, like bird eggs, they were pointed at one end. The analysis also suggests the dinosaur laid its eggs two at a time on the sloping sides of the mound.

That's unlike, say, crocodiles, which lay all their eggs at once, and more like birds, which lay one egg at a time. The ancestors of crocodiles gave rise to dinosaurs and later on, birds. As if figuring out the chicken-egg puzzle weren't enough, the researchers also have another objective: "To find the same kind of nest with babies inside," Zelenitsky told LiveScience. It's entirely possible, but again these types of nests from small meat-eating dinosaurs are fairly rare.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? | HowStuffWorks

Live Science. The jury is still out over whether the chicken or egg came first.

So, the egg must have come first. Print "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

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This question appears regularly in the question file, so let's take a shot at it. Does the chicken's body make the shell and fill it with the white and yolk somehow, or does it make the white and yolk and then somehow wrap the shell around it? How can an egg carton claim that the contained eggs have less fat and more vitamin E?