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Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI - Pakistan)

If I had to pick the main reason we got Goal 16 at the end of the day, I would have to credit two individuals — the representatives from Timor-Leste and Liberia who got everybody to pay attention. Other countries had constructive roles too, but these two countries played a really outsized role. They spoke with such authenticity and command, and people listened.

CG: The Secretary-General has made conflict prevention and peace building key priorities of his leadership. Can you provide more detail on what the UN does to promote peace? Its core mission was to prevent the scourge of war and to maintain international peace and security. Secretary-General Guterres also comes into his role having spent a decade as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and having worked in conflict zones around the world with a deep passion for peace.

You can see his conviction that this is one of the most important parts of his day job. How the UN does that involves many tools. They include the exercise of diplomacy, fielding envoys to any number of conflicts, running peace operations, doing post-conflict peacebuilding, and much more. CG: And another one of those drivers is climate change. How is climate change amplifying challenges with conflict? These are complex issues, and people are still working to understand the links as well as figuring out solutions, but you can already point to several dimensions.

One is that climate change is creating profound, interacting resource pressures. These will produce incredible stresses on societies in terms of the availability of resources, social tensions, and more — and those are pressures that increase vulnerability to conflict. Rising sea levels are clearly going to produce climate migration. Greater risks in flood zones will produce other kinds of internal migration as well as migration across borders. These dynamics all have implications for stability.

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Thawing ice will open up new sea lanes. In the short term, some countries will find themselves winners or losers in terms of those kind of strategic resources. How will that all play out in terms of specific security challenges?

War, Peace and Third World Development

It will change over time as our planet changes, and we need to figure it out and anticipate and manage the consequences. We worked very hard to get climate change addressed by the Security Council , which was and for some countries still is controversial. We worked closely with Germany, which was the president of the Security Council at the time, elected members of the Council, small island states and many others to get an agreed outcome from the Security Council that acknowledged that there were security risks from climate change.

And we have to start thinking about it.

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You also really need to understand ways you might be contributing to conflict risk or dynamics — whether intentionally or not. There are also opportunities for investors, businesses, and others to play a constructive role in conflict settings and especially conflict recovery. That can be a challenge for all kinds of obvious reasons having to do with risk, violence, and instability.

But there is renewed interest today and innovative work being done to explore ways the private sector and investors can be a positive force in conflict and humanitarian settings — for example, creating new instruments that can help surge resources into even very risky places — so you can contribute some of the ingredients for recovery that societies urgently need. To learn more about the goal, click here. By Chandrima Das March 22, By Chandler Green December 5, View All Blog Posts.

EC: It was raw.

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It was lively. And it was really hard won. Elizabeth Cousens in her role as U. CG: Why was there such debate among countries about peace and development?

War, Peace and Third World Development

The UN Security Council is the foremost global body for maintaining international peace and security. In addition to providing advice to ministers on this critical challenge, Ms. She is a world-leader in this field and a champion of gender equality in Canada and internationally. Women are vital to forging peace and making it last in nations overcoming conflict.

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