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The surgeon told me before and after the surgery that there are no guarantees with the surgery; I could still suffer from constipation and have to take laxatives daily following the surgery. I started going to see a new gastroenterologist in August of because I was having trouble evacuating my bowels on my own. Tests to check my pelvic floor came back normal, so I went to see a physical therapist to help work on my pelvic floor muscles. None of the medications that I was prescribed to help me evacuate my bowels on my own worked.

The last time I saw him he told me that he could not do anything else for me and referred me to another hospital.

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I was still having trouble evacuating my bowels, would get constipated, and then have loose bowel movements. At the next center, I had the same pelvic floor tests done again. The results came back that everything was normal. This doctor also said that he could not do anything for me because I do not have a diagnosable problem. Since seeing this last doctor I have not gone back to any gastroenterologists.

I was tired of all of the different prescription drugs they would have me take and all of the tests they would put me through. I wanted to live my life the best that I could. Today I still have the same problems as I did in My life revolves around going to the bathroom.

I can't work a full time normal job like everyone else. I tried for 9 months and it was hell. I am really glad to share my story with others because I understand what they are going through. I am a very strong person and push through life the best I can. A lot of it is mind over matter. I don't feel great most of the time but I keep busy and try to forget about what hurts.

I clean my house and exercise to keep busy. My main wishes in life would be for people to be more aware and understanding of digestive problems and to find a career, mainly a job, that suites my digestive needs. I know others feel the same way. Another dream would be for people to not be embarrassed to talk about digestive problems. I tell people all the time about my digestive problems, not to the full extent as I here, and feel good about doing it.

The public needs to be educated because one day they may suffer from one of these problems. Hi, I am Jackie a 40 year old woman living with chronic constipation. From as far back as a young child I remember my mother telling our family members and close friends of my problem.

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Just to make matters worse as I reached twenty I had parts of my bowel removed due to a blockage and now have scar tissue. This made my condition worse. I suffer with not going to the toilet for normally a week and then it's painful and not much generally appears. On the other extreme I eat a meal and my body can take a dislike to an item; then I get such an upset tummy I spend the whole night on the toilet! I've tried all sorts of remedies and not much helps. We are all dealt a pack of cards in life.

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This is mine. It's not the end of the world. I just stay focussed on whats most important to me. People with irritable bowel syndrome IBS may have symptoms that overlap with functional constipation. But people with functional constipation may not have the abdominal discomfort or pain, or alternating bowel habits seen in IBS. Nevertheless, many of the personal challenges and sacrifices are the same when battling symptoms. I am 39 years old. When I was a teenager I remember going days without having a bowel movement and then I'd have terrible painful bouts of diarrhea.

I thought this was normal. I found an herbal laxative that worked for me until it suddenly stopped working in I started doing enemas, afraid that stimulant laxatives would aggravate the condition, whatever it was. During that period I was diagnosed with endometriosis which caused a lot of my pain, and as a result had a complete hysterectomy. I also figured out on my own that I could not eat gluten or a lot of dairy productsFiguring those issues out made a huge difference in that I was at least able to leave the house at that time the gas was so unbearable I can't even describe — and gluten was the biggest cause.

I have tried every single laxative available including prescription medications whose side effects are diarrhea, and none of them worked, including Zelnorm. I have recently been diagnosed finally with Colonic Inertia which I am just learning about.

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I find the enemas along with VERY careful eating mostly protein, very little fiber keep the gas and cramping down to a minimum. I am in good shape and exercise a lot. I work from home on the computers and am very grateful for the opportunity to do that. I am unmarried, no kids, no roommates. I have sadly found that it is far more comfortable to live alone and deal with the enemas and general GI upset solo. It is difficult for anyone who does not have issues going to the bathroom to remotely understand what it's like for someone who does.

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This has been a challenging body to live in for sure. Thank you to www. At 38 years of age I am once again up at am with increased GI discomfort and worried why my symptoms are becoming worse. My bloating is so severe that the pants that were loose on me 6 days ago are barely able to be buttoned now. I am a registered nurse and work hard during the week looking forward to my much needed rest on the weekends.

As of last night Friday I have had a complete change in my weekend plans. I will not be able to go to the Farmers Market with my husband. I will not be able to meet with a friend in need later this morning. I will not be able to meet with friends later this afternoon.

Venus Facts

I will not finish my craft room re-do. I will not leave the house. Instead I must start a plan of action prescribed by my physician which includes a 4 stage process to help me evacuate my bowels. This plan went into effect last night a pm when I arrived home from work. It will consume my entire weekend, and will hopefully resolve my current bout of constipation in time for me to return to work Monday morning. I will be close to my bathroom all weekend in hopes that my plan of action will be effective.

IBS is real. It is painful, consuming, physically and mentally challenging, costly, and relentless. The burden of this illness needs to be understood and better treatment options for me and others with IBS need to be made available. For many persons, having a functional bowel disorder involves a seemingly endless search for answers. Parts of life may be lost as adjustments are made in response to symptoms. It takes time, thought, and courage to keep sorting out and searching for ways to best manage the condition.

I have had constipation issues since I was a child. I grew up eating southern cooking, and I did not like vegetables or fruits. I am sure that eating this way has contributed to the situation I find myself living with now.

I also am sure that my abusive father could have caused me to have nervousness, which could have caused stomach disorder. I had issues for years; however, it started getting worse in my thirties. I was having more and more episodes with severe cramping followed by diarrhea and severe pain, and the episodes would last a few days. The doctor said I needed to take some laxatives, because I was having weight gain as well as the pain and it was because I was full of stool.

I continued to have diarrhea and constipation episodes for years. I have had every type of test you could imagine, and the doctors never seem to think it was that big of a deal. I got the same advice over and over: eat more fiber, vegetables etc. I have tried everything, the doctors have suggested, but nothing ever works for long, if at all.

I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome in my later thirties. I was happy to at least have a name for my nemesis. I started cutting out foods that I thought were causing problems, and at first it seemed the more I cut out the better I was doing, but I ended up just having never ending constipation. I am now forty eight years old and for the last ten years, I have had to give myself warm water enemas.

If I do not use them every day I have pain and bloating. I also have started having problems with fissures and hemorrhoids, which is horrible when I am still having to enema. I have never discussed this with anyone other than close family members, or with women I was seriously dating.

When I came across this web page and read some of the articles, I literally cried out loud and could not stop for a few minutes. I was crying because I felt like I was not alone, and others did understand. I have wondered what would happen to me down the road as I grew older, or if I would live a long life, or if this constipation could cause cancer or other issues.