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It can put out a magazine issue about failure as the cover story and lead off with a complaint letter. Chad Brown CdeP Thacher is published twice a year by The Thacher School, and is sent free of charge to alumni, parents, and friends of the School. Every effort is made to ensure that contents are accurate and complete. If there is an omission or an error, please accept our apologies and notify us at the address below. Thacher is printed by Ventura Printing using an environmentally friendly waterless printing process, soy-based inks, and recycled paper.

Strong performances, vibrant costumes and sets, and impressive singing and dancing all came together on February 9 and 10 for an engaging, fun, and memorable production. Students and faculty members traded in a half day of classes to instead fan out across the community and work on a variety of service projects including: inventorying food and clothing donations for those affected by the fires, lending a hand on land and trail restoration projects, planting trees in fire-devastated areas, and cleaning debris from local organizations and family homes that were impacted by the fires.

All in all, 16 courses were on offer, all emphasizing creativity, collaborative work, and the bridging of disciplines—an exciting experiment for students and teachers alike. Day, the Thacher community came together for an informative documentary screening; an illuminating panel discussion featuring activists, academics, and thought leaders; and breakout sessions that allowed students and faculty to thoughtfully dialogue with individual panelists in small groups.

The current Hills Dining Hall, which was built in and last received a major upgrade in the s, will remain standing and eventually be converted into work, meeting, and gathering space for administrators, students, and staff. The dining hall project is slated to be complete by fall The ThacheR School 5. ALEX MYERS is a writer, teacher, and speaker who spent a few days in the Thacher community sharing insights on gender identity and sexual orientation, including his own perspective as the first openly transgender student at his boarding school and then university.

Orrick Lecturer, Mr. Thacher was lucky enough to welcome him into the community this spring. DAVE CHEN, chairman and head of product development and research at Equilibrium Capital, delivered a talk to the School in which he discussed his work at an investment firm that focuses on sustainability and environmentally responsible practices.

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The group also hosted a dance workshop open to anyone in the community and ended their time on campus with an engaging performance. These four trained hard, stayed focused, and ultimately placed 6th at the Arcadia Invitational and 8th at the highly competitive and elite Penn Relays with fans at home cheering them on via live stream in Room 14!

These successes ended up placing them 23rd overall in the nation! Led by senior captains Jeffrey Ding and Connor Callahan, the Toads closed their season third in the league with a league record and a season record. Their success was certainly helped by the strong leadership, calm on-court demeanors, enthusiasm and pride, and supportive attitudes brought by many of the players. Excitingly, a number of the runners were given additional opportunities to compete during weekly invitational meets in Los Angeles on weekends, in addition to the league meets.

The extra efforts of this team paid off: The Thacher girls sent more athletes to compete at the CIF prelims and finals than any of the other teams in the league! A special shout-out goes to team captain Caroline— in addition to winning All-League Sprinter of the Year, she closed with an undefeated season in the m and m hurdles, placed 3rd in Division 4 at the CIF Finals in the m hurdles and 6th in the m hurdles, and broke her own school record in the m hurdles with a time of Highlights included a thrilling win on the road against San Marcos High School and the second win at home against the same team a week later , as well as their win at home against Santa Barbara High School, which avenged an early season loss.

The team ultimately closed with a season record and a league record. With these two at the helm, the team was able to beat all rival Ojai schools this season at least once, while also winning 3 of its last 5 league games, demonstrating the growth and improvement the team saw throughout the season. Overall, Thacher Baseball looks forward to what promises to be an exciting and successful season.

The ups and downs showcased both some of the best team lacrosse played at Thacher in the last five years and the heavy impact that unfortunately timed injuries and illnesses can have on even a strong squad. At their best, they were a team that could put up big numbers by sharing the ball, pushing transition opportunities, and finishing their shots.

Our love story ❤️ Romantic poetry 🌼

When they were stricken by injuries, however, they struggled to maintain the rhythm that characterized them at their best. The boys showed a tremendous amount of resilience in beating Dos Pueblos away from home after having lost to them in double overtime a few weeks earlier at Thacher, as well as in putting together a strong final effort to defeat Brentwood after having lost at Cate in a disappointing game the week before. One evening, Joy noticed the pairs of shoes were exclusively either orange, blue, or green—and there were exactly 60 pairs.

Seeking to organize them for easier retrieval later on, Michael decided to rearrange the pairs of shoes into groups of three. Remarkably, no matter how he attempted to make up the sets of three, each triplet contained a pair of orange shoes!

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How many blues, how many greens and how many orange pairs of shoes were on their porch? He showed how only one draw is necessary to identify the mislabeled boxes. Each recipe is fit for both the cooking-averse and pros. Entitled Testimony, the installation of photographs and texts captured the experiences of 10 Bay Area immigrants—both documented and undocumented. It documents the epic story of Solar Impulse in its endeavor to be the first solar-powered airplane to circumnavigate the globe. This is most likely the first time a current Thacher student has been published in a professional astronomical journal.

Read more about it at thacher. Randolph Head CdeP , professor of history at the University of California, Riverside, traveled to Zurich to collect the Max Geilinger Prize, which recognizes work that advances literary and cultural ties between Switzerland and the English-speaking world. While it is a school as far as progress in study goes, it is hoped that it will always preserve distinctly the more normal life of a household and ranch.

His work is self-evident, axiomatic.

Dramatics without Mr. Thacher would be impossible, just as anything else at the School would be impossible without Mr. There are no precedents to the present situation. Thacher, June 23, The Thacher Notes. Twichell and their five children, drove east last month to their vacation home at Cuttyhunk, Massachusetts.

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There is a simple explanation for his exuberance about school life. I have never before seen a headmaster shoe a horse. It is an impressive sight to behold. I wonder if any of the first seven could have done it. Possibly Bill Wyman, mountain man and burro skinner. The top photo captures a rare hatless Michael Mulligan at one of his first Assemblies as head of school in Michael Mulligan and Joy Sawyer were not always educators, but their love affairs with boarding school—and with one another— are tightly twined and trace back to their youth.

As they now take up a trail that leads away from Thacher, here are some of their significant waypoints until now. He makes friends for life with peers and teachers. She spends summers returning to SPS to teach English and mentor interns. He teaches English and history; coaches soccer, wrestling, and lacrosse; and runs a dormitory floor for 16 sophomore boys. They all learn from each other. Joy believes that this will be a 1or 2-year experiment at the far edge of the world. Joy gets her first glimpse of the peculiar and wonderful alchemy of boarding school inspiring teachers, curious and eager-to-learn fellow students when she attends the summer Advanced Studies Program at St.

And soon, each other.

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  7. Together, they run a small dormitory in a rambling farmhouse that becomes a great home to them and 14 freshman boys that year—then sophomore girls for the next four. That said, Michael goes about administering this and that, starts learning about horses, coaches lacrosse, enjoys the camping, and teaches sophomore English. Duster knows more than Michael does—a good thing.


    School Holiday ensues. Bookending that issue is the current one, which honors and celebrates all that Michael K. Mulligan and Joy Sawyer-Mulligan have brought to Thacher in the intervening years. So, today, a few days after Michael and Joy hit the road for the Tetons, Thacher is missing a couple of its most admirable citizens, but, thanks in large measure to the talents and energies of these two, the community they leave behind remains stronger than ever in its commitment—individually and collectively—to deepening that positive impress.

    Mulligan, the eighth head of The Thacher School and the longest to serve in that position since Sherman Day Thacher himself. By the time Joy and he took their leave of campus to find the road north to Wyoming, there was hardly anybody around to take note. Despite the seemingly anticlimactic end, it had been an eventful year, bringing a memorable close to a notable chapter in Thacher history.

    One major theme of the year, of course, was the impending departure. Often, it was only a subtext to the everyday, a layer of poignancy, a catch in the throat, a reason to pay extra attention. At other times, the departure came to the fore: at Assembly, for instance, when Michael made a regular practice of awarding books to those who could answer his questions about Thacher history, horsemanship, or spiritual leaders; he was thinning out his library for the move.

    Meanwhile, behind the scenes, a spring celebration send-off was in the works. Where should we look to find the signifiers of the Mulligan legacy?

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    We could start by considering the data. Between , when Michael formally became the head of school, and the end of June , when he turned over the reins to his successor, outside interest in Thacher grew dramatically. Annual applications doubled; the acceptance rate dropped from 30 percent to 12 percent; and yield rose from 63 percent to 78 percent.

    Our geographic diversity has never been greater and half of incoming students self-identify as students of color. Along the way, the School undertook significant visible, tangible transformations. We saw every dormitory either replaced or renovated, the addition of a top-notch performing arts center and a student commons, new and upgraded athletic facilities.

    We became better stewards of our limited resources by adding a solar array that supplies most of our electricity needs. We implemented water conservation systems that serve as models for other campuses. Horse and Outdoor Programs, core elements of the Thacher experience that have never been stronger than they are today. And these two would be the first to remind that credit for these gains is not theirs alone, but the shared work of a community.