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2. Be in the Great Outdoors

You cannot charge full green fees if bunkers are GUR, temporary greens are in play, and especially not if greens have been hollow-tined. The negative feedback that visiting golfers will spread — especially in the social media age — will hurt your business, I can promise you that. Clubs need to be smarter when it comes to asking members to renew their annual subs.

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Consider the hurdles your members face: the cost itself, the timing, the lure of other sports and activities, family commitment; and the overall cost of living. Understand and reward loyalty. My father has been a member at the same club for 50 years and his sub was reduced and frozen some time ago. As golfers hit anniversaries 10, 20, etc find a way to say thank you or, at the very least, find a way to acknowledge their loyalty. No arguments from anyone, I presume.

I have banged on about slow play here before and it remains a crippling problem for the game. If you want to take all the joy out of the game, then just head out at midday on a summer weekend. Replace the white, yellow, and red markers with a marker that simply shows the distance of the course. This is then reflected on the scorecard. Such an approach allows golfers to make more informed decisions based on their home course distances. It will be illuminating, I promise. Others, such as pitch mark repairs and bunker raking, are more significant as they are ignorant acts.

The former can leave long-term damage, the latter will send following golfers into a fury. To be blunt, the same should be required of golfers new to the game and a large portion of societies. Understanding your audience and knowing the most effective ways to reach them remains a huge challenge for golf clubs. Following on from above, identifying the key demographics in golf is vital.

Personally, I think too much emphasis is placed on attracting juniors into the game. On the other hand, over 55s are the biggest golfing audience with only a handful of competing sports to choose from. They have the time and they most likely have the resources to take up the game. I think we need to be honest with ourselves as golfers and recognise that golf favours the older generations. It is a sport for all, no question, but when a demographic has such a small pool of options to choose from, then efforts should really be made to bring them into the game.

The younger generations will dip in and out of the game while the over 55s could remain members for 30 years. Notwithstanding what I said above, getting young people into the game is obviously important … but it is increasingly problematic. The etiquette of the game is off-putting — as are the rules — as are dress codes that are way out of date.

A good lesson for any level golfer. How do you make sure your self-talk is positive and confidence enhancing? The first step is to record your self-talk after a round of golf to determine how positive or negative you are with yourself. During the round, pay attention to what you say to yourself and notice when you begin to get negative — quickly identifying your negative self-talk.

The Most Important Golf Technique

After you finish your game, go back and think about when you were negative with yourself or your game. Write down the negative statements and in what situations they occurred. If you have more negative than positive self-talk during a round, this indicates that you need to work on changing your self-talk. The next step is to modify what your say to yourself. Write down the negative self-statements from the previous exercise. Next to each self-statement, change the negative statement to a positive statement.

Setting Your Expectations

Practice changing your negative thoughts to positive thoughts on paper. The next step is to apply your positive self-talk and change your negative self-talk on the course. You must make the simple choice to keep your self-talk positive and confidence enhancing. The hotter the days, the more important it is that you are wearing clothes that will prevent you from getting distracted and uncomfortable from the heat.

If you do not own a lot of great moisture-wicking tops, we have pulled together some of the best tops that you can add to your closet for the remainder of this summer!

Golf Psychology: The Self-Talk of Champions

Not to mention, these tops can be easily worn on or off the course so are a great investment. Check them out:. You can purchase this top in a wide variety of different colors, sizes S-3XL. Adidas Climacool Performance Polo Shirt. This top also features Climacool fabric inserts, which give extra cooling at the underarms how convenient?!

This top is available in a wide variety of colors, sizes S-2XL. It is is soft, comfortable and will keep you dry throughout all of your rounds on the course.

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You can purchase this top in a wide variety of colors, sizes S-4XL. If you are just starting out with golf, you are most likely in the beginning stages of needing to purchase all new equipment and apparel so that you are adequately prepared for your first few times on the course. When you are purchasing equipment , it is important to remember that the equipment that you buy needs to be best for you personally. Everyone is different when it comes to what works best for them, and it may take a few tries for you to vet out exactly what you are looking for and what you need. An especially difficult item to purchase is golf balls, due to the fact that many golfers especially beginners can easily lose them on the course, never to be found again.

It can be a hard pill to swallow having to purchase balls that may not last long for you.

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  • Luckily, there are many different options! When you are out shopping for golf balls, here are a few tips on how you can choose the best golf balls for you:. Once you know what ball works best for you, you will absolutely notice a huge difference on the course and throughout your game! If you are a golf lover, you know that golf is much more than just a sport. Learning the rules of golf and all of the tips and tricks that go along with it not only benefit you on the course, but personally and professionally as well. There are many different things that the game of golf can teach you, which you can apply to several different aspects of your life.

    Why Do We Talk to Ourselves?

    But, how exactly does golf benefit you on a personal or professional level? Here are a few different ways:.

    Golf Etiquette - The Rock Golf Course

    Do you have a golf partner on the course? This is someone who you always head to the course with, share tips and tricks with and essentially, experience the whole game with! Many people choose to have a golf partner to hold them accountable for their golf goals and aspirations. When you have a golf partner, you are often thinking of how to be a better partner — how to be more supportive, more helpful and more motivating.

    What people often do not think of is whether they are being a bad golf partner.

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    So, what exactly does that mean, and how do you know if you have any of these characteristics? Here are some ways that showcase a bad partner, and what you can do to improve:. To improve in the game of golf, there are a lot of different tactics and skills that someone can work on. Whether you are working on your physical health, your mental health , or you are purchasing new equipment, becoming a better golfer takes a lot of motivation and a lot of work!

    There are, however, several things that the best golfers are consistently doing to ensure that they stay on top of their game and are the best players they can be. Check out 4 different things you should focus on while improving your game:.