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The Art of Travel Photography Learn how to immortalize your travels through stunning photography with this course. These courses have made me feel much more empowered and confident to be able to undergo stringent technical interviews. I am a Chartered Accountant and I have about 2 years of experience in investment banking, project financing and have experience in building financial models. I have found the Premium Package really helpful. I appreciate the extreme detail in which the instructor explains the steps to build models.

Additionally, the short length of the videos helps in studying even when I have just minutes to spare. Books for university courses take a lot of time to read through, and are not very interactive in case one has a question, which is why love the way the WSP online experience is set up.

Step #2) Bring Your Bank Statements to the Table

So far the courses have been very good! They have helped me in building and making an improved valuation model for my firm. I love it. Coming from a liberal arts collegiate background in a non-finance major I study Applied Mathematics and Economics at Brown , I did not receive the extensive finance and accounting background that many college students receive before entering Investment Banking.

WSP provided me the background I needed to prepare for interviews and start my internship in PE without feeling overwhelmed by seeing all new material. The course essentially provided me everything I needed to develop a solid base of accounting that I have continued to build off of. I thought the course was phenomenal! I enjoyed the Excel-based assignments, because those were the most applicable to the actual job both for Investment Banking and Private Equity.

I'm very happy with this purchase and I feel better prepared for buy-side interview modeling tests. I am enjoying the accessibility of the material and how it's laid out in an easily readable format. Thank you for developing these courses! They're a strong compliment for my MBA Finance and a great modeling refresher. I am currently a final year undergraduate at the London School of Economics, looking to eventually break into the buy side.

This course will help bridge the knowledge gap I once faced. It was worth the purchase and I look forward to purchasing your other courses in the future as well. All the steps were extremely clear and every video was created very well.

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I really enjoyed the course! Coming into the course I had no prior experience with creating financial statement models, but now I feel like I can create one for any company. In my job, I often use a financial model which is made by FA. I thought that would help me differentiate myself from others in the company and market. This course has been very helpful as I can learn from very basic like formatting, excel shortcuts etc to some advance modeling. After leaving finance for a few years, I decided to re-enter the industry and I needed a refresher.

The 5 basic money skills everyone should master by age 35

My goal is to transition into a IB job in the near future hopefully years maximum. I have empirical and theoretical knowledge of the investment industry but I have never practiced in the real world. In the last 3 weeks I was able to complete half of the Financial Statement Modeling course. Overall this course was a good review. A financial mentor recommended this course to me.

This course will strengthen my technical skills in understanding financial reports and using excel efficiently. My main goal was developing Wall Street ready skills to transition from the Buyside to the Dealside. It's been extremely helpful!

The online courses are detailed, relevant, and paced perfectly. It has gotten me in the door with top firms on the street. Very useful!

Financial Modeling Training | Learn financial modeling step by step - Wall Street Prep

Excel shortcuts are so valuable and the modeling was a very good refresher to many things I have forgotten since college. I'm noticeably much faster and efficient. Very helpful! I am in a training manager role for a company and have recently had to create excel based reports as part of my regular day, so I needed a review.

This course helped me to be more efficient with my time. It will make me more confident in job interviews. I had two goals in mind when I enrolled in the Premium Package. First, to analyze my fathers business, create a business plan and subsequently a financial forecast that he could use to generate funding from a local bank.

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The course was very comprehensive, well taught and presented and thorough. I liked the Course. Over time we get into a rut in terms of how we use Excel. We are constantly trying to improve our level of service to our clients. Once I observed some materials for technical review, I realized that my econ curriculum econ major had literally zero accounting involved. If there are any non-accounting majors considering trying to land an IB internship without having taken an accounting course through their university, WSP is an absolute must.

I am starting an MBA program in the fall with the ultimate goal of being a buy-side equity research analyst, so I need to refresh my modeling skills before starting the recruiting process. I have greatly enjoyed the course so far. The lessons are clearly taught and the hands-on approach to building a model for AAPL is extremely helpful.

The templates that we use are very transferrable to other companies and I plan to utilize them to practice on my own with other companies. The Basic Package has certainly helped me gain confidence when discussing how one goes about modeling a company. I am an analyst at a boutique and in addition to my many analyst duties I've been tasked with structuring our summer internship program.

I purchased the course to prepare interns for our program and make sure they have the necessary skills prior to joining. I just finished my junior year and secured a job in IB for this summer. I finally understood why every IB interviewer asked about what happens when depreciation is increased! Hopefully I will be able to apply much, if not all, that I have learned so far to my internship this summer. In terms of comprehensiveness my research found WSP is the most advanced , and I've been very happy with the curriculum. I am very pleased with the self-taught process and ability to jump between lessons.

The course definitely allowed me to do that. It was very enjoyable and hands-on. Once I completed it, I re-did the entire exercise for a different company. The Basic Package helped me become more confident before moving into my new job. Hopefully this will further develop my knowledge and skill, and help me to be more recognizable to bankers at bulge brackets.

I believe and certainly hope this course will help me prepare to answer interview questions for IB recruiting, and allow me to be ready to start working since day 1. The more I can do in Excel, the more beneficial I am to my team. My manager brought this course to my attention as he knows I want to work on my technical skills, and one of my colleagues took the course and had all positive feedback. The course was great. I purchased the Basic Package as well as the Excel course to try to better learn Excel functions and formatting as well as brushing up on some modeling skills.

I am currently in a job search after being laid off from my first role and I wanted to be sharp for any case study interviews. I thought the courses were great. I went through them rather quickly thanks to the ability to listen at a faster rate.