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Yes, I 3. Yes, I had a pair. They were nice. I enjoyed this correspondence between Gloria and her son. They both felt accessible; their trials, hardships, and traumas, their hopes, and dreams felt real and relevant. They never came across as pompous or full of their own self-importance. A romantic, Gloria comes across as someone who believes the best will eventually come.

She loves to paint and loves to have a project going.

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Plucky and determined, it took a while for Gloria to grow wings of independence. She grew up in a different era, one in which women mostly did not make decisions for themselves.

A longtime pawn between family members especially in her younger years because of her wealth, it makes for fascinating reading to see how she eventually learns to stand on her own two feet. In many ways, Anderson Cooper is the opposite of his mother. Practical, pragmatic, Anderson always has a plan.

They talk frankly of her alcohol use and many other details of their shared lives. Together, it seems they come to terms with the losses and traumas they have both experienced. They are the kind of experiences that would leave anyone reeling. Frequently emotional, as she talked about her memories, her voice would break, tears at the surface, then she would collect herself and read on.

This was a surprisingly enjoyable read, and for me, their voices added an extra level of engagement. I got my audiobook from Hoopla. Recommended for its historical significance as well as insight into a special mother-son relationship. View all 16 comments. Lovely and heartbreaking, it was wonderful to listen to the back and forth of their narration as I listened to the audio version of this. All of this, in fact, has an element of that knowledge, or at least it did for me.

The Rainbow Comes and Goes : A Mother and Son on Life, Love, and Loss

To hear her voice after that voice has been silenced alternately lifted my spirits. Her story, their combined stories are fairly simple when you boil it down to the essence — this was their joint memories, her life with her own memories, their life with the memories they shared, and his memories. A chance over one year in time of letters written back and forth to heal wounds, prepare for the future and hopefully to understand the whys and why nots that haunted each of them. A lovely and brave mother-son autobiography-memoir. View all 15 comments. No clue she's also the author of eight books.

But unfortunately we know her for a pair of jeans from , which seems so unattached from the child fought over in the "poor little rich girl" custody battle of the s. Anderson Cooper, her youngest son and the CNN and 60 minutes reporter, Reading Challenge: written by someone I admire; book club selection Lenten season nonfiction read 1 I did not know this, but Gloria Vanderbilt is an accomplished magazine correspondent and artist. Anderson Cooper, her youngest son and the CNN and 60 minutes reporter, cowrote this book with his mother through a series of emails to not only get to know his 92 year old model matriarch but also to inspire us to "think about your own relationships and perhaps help you start a new kind of conversation with someone you love.

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Gloria lived with a hole in her heart from losing her father to alcoholism at the age of fifteen months and the estrangement of her mother, also named Gloria. Being born a Vanderbilt meant nothing to her and their significance and wealth were never explained to her.

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She just knew she never wanted for anything, that is , anything except love and attention. This led to a lifelong sense of unsettled searching and impulsivity. Dating and marrying older men followed as she searched for a father figure. But once she found Wyatt Cooper, she found contentment and the love of her life, only to lose him to heart disease in Anderson is her second son with Wyatt.

Anderson reflects throughout the book how alike he is to his mother, how her upbringing affected his, how his definition of fear and success differ from hers. However, it's immediately apparent how close these two are. They see little of each other due to Anderson' traveling duties, but that certainly has no affect on their intimacy. She is certainly quite proud to be his mother and never stops expressing her love in both obvious ways as well as by inference.

This book was quite touching. This is definitely a book Anderson will cherish. View all 4 comments.

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Years ago my husband and I read and enjoyed the book Little Gloria Happy at Last about the child Gloria Vanderbilt and the famous custody battle between her neglectful mother and her Aunt Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney. My husband's interest goes way back, you see, as his Grandmother Jenny claimed that they were descended from CorneliusVanderbilt they were, actually, but not THAT Cornelius--that was quite a common name in the s it turns out.

The Rainbow Comes and Goes

She also said they came from German 4. She also said they came from German royalty. My genealogy research thus far shows that Grandmother Jenny had her head in the clouds. Gloria and Anderson wanted to get to know each other better as adults before it was too late. She tells stories; he digs deeper. She expounds much deeper into her own character than does Anderson into his. She is hopeful, he is more a realist. She loves and trusts freely, he is more skeptical.

They have their differences and some similarities are discovered too. While both personalities are revealed, Gloria is really the star of this book, as her life was so full of And she likes to talk about it. I highly recommend the audio if you're going to go with this one. View all 12 comments.

Her mother was quite young, and the two never bonded. Young Gloria grew dependent upon her caretaker, a woman she called Dodo.


She later became a pawn in a vicious custody battle staged by her grandmother and aunt. Eventually, the court ruled against her mother, and custody was granted to her aunt. When Gloria was seventeen, however, she went to California to visit her mother for the summer. There she experienced freedom for the first time. She dated Howard Hughes and thought she would marry him. Instead, she married Pat DiCiccio. It was an abusive marriage, and they divorced shortly before she was of age to receive her inheritance.

Why Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt Wrote The Rainbow Comes and Goes |

This last marriage ended in great sadness. Wyatt died during heart surgery when Anderson was only ten years old. He was It is simply something they live with. Gloria does reinforce for Anderson how much his father loved him and what a good parent he was — something she says she learned from Wyatt, because she never had parental role models in her life. Her biggest regret, it seems, is the relationship she never had with her mother.