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Do you need a detox supplement? Not necessarily — my 2 Week Gentle Cleanse program is completely food-based. There are some great herbs and nutrients that can be helpful for detoxing, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution. In truth, the inspiration for this blog post was a phone call I got from my sister this morning. She called super early, thanks sis and asked about the juicing protocol that is part of my 2 Week Spring Cleanse program. I reminded her that when cleansing in colder months, the food you eat should be warming and nourishing — think stews and soups rather than salads and fruit.

Traditional Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine both have the same philosophy — firstly, that detoxing is better suited to warmer weather and secondly, that if you want to gently cleanse your body during colder months, warmer foods are essential. So swap your smoothie for warm porridge, your salad for soup, and your cold quiche for a warm one. Winter is a great chance to nourish your body with easy to digest foods packed full of antioxidant-rich herbs and spices — think dahl, curries, casseroles, stews, soups, and more.

Make your slow cooker your best friend! A detox is not about feeling hungry or deprived. YES, balance is absolutely necessary, and there is no such thing as the perfect diet.

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Keep it gradual and gentle, and predominantly food-based, with less reliance on detox supplements. Adapt to the seasons, nourish your body with essential nutrients and antioxidants, and never, ever starve yourself. Would you like me to guide you through an individualised cleanse program? Click here to view my coaching options. I've created an ebook to help you uncover the reasons behind your cravings - it's so simple, when you know how! Your email address will not be published.

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So You're a Hardcore Gamer

Are detoxes safe? Do detoxes work? Key: Admin , Global Mod , Mod. I've played all of the Virtual Villagers games. I keep them, pass them, replay them.

Top 5 Most Common Detox Mistakes

I have to say, I really hate this one. This game is for people with nothing else to do. You literally have to babysit the game all the way to the end. If you leave your villagers for anywhere past a couple hours, they will likely starve. I've solved just about all of the puzzles, except the "Filthy Encampment", which I'm going to have to convert all the yellow and red masks to do, with some earthquakes I guess.

Now, I've had to sit at this computer, pausing the game, which sets me back with tech points. It's taken me 3 days of just sitting at this computer to get as far as I am.

[RFC,V5,5/5] workqueue: introduce a way to set workqueue's scheduler - Patchwork

I have to pause it when I go to sleep because I will meet starved villagers. I know you wanted to make it more challenging than the others. Now that my villager are fishing, they will still starve because those yellow masks will keep chasing them away.

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  • In fact, the best food source has become the worst because it is the hardest to get. I won't get to Energy to get the Earthquake, because my Villagers are too starved to reproduce, in order for me to gain energy In the end, you can't leave the until you actually finish it.

    That sucks. I don't like it as much as I do the others, but I'd never say it sucks. LDW works hard on each game they put out. LDW was the very first game developers I fell in love with, and I might not be here like I used to be, and I might not buy all their games, wait I pretty much have lol, but I'd never tell them that a game that took them ages to create for us sucked.

    Yes everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but this could have been phrased differently. Guys, Please help me out! I've done every single task except converting the chief, some orange masks, the master heathen scientist and getting fish in the lake.

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    I did the dropping a master scientist on the board and its been a day now and the little light above the master scientist heathen WILL NOT go away - no matter how long I wait. I did drop the master scientist on the board a few times when the light was still there, just guessing what I was meant to do, but I don't think that would cause it. People say the light is meant to go away after a couple of hours and then you have to repeat the drawing board step 2 more times but I can't repeat it because the guy's light won't go away.

    What should I do? Is this a glitch or an error on my part? Without the last necklace piece I don't have enough energy to get the chief converted or to put fish in the lake I think the other Virtual Villagers were all slightly better and I actually think it was more obvious in number 5 what you were meant to do at each step. And I found it WAY easier to keep the villagers fed in this one. I have to correct my above response. During that time, I started a tribe on VV5 and was able to solve the puzzles with minimal frustration. I used my sisters phone to look at a couple answers but for the most part I completed them without help.

    So I revise my earlier statement, it is an awesome game!

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    I am enjoying 5 and I'm nearly