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The s? But the next layer of information was where it got interesting. It turned out to be an extremely lucky break. Skip Duett, an amateur genealogist, had already done a great deal of legwork, and she shared her list with him. Grew up in Kansas with eight brothers and sisters who collectively produced 32 offspring.

Peg left home at 18, worked for the War Department in , then, after a few years in Washington, D. She knocked on a door and ended up getting a secretary job at the U.

How To Determine Paternity Without A DNA Test – The Side Line View

That was half the puzzle cracked. Leo, one of 10 siblings born in Rhode Island, was a career military man, having enlisted in the U. Army at a young age He was in World War II, and when the war ended, he likely decided to retire and live off his military pension in France. Did he even know he had a child? Peg left France and found herself in Turkey, where she ended up having another child, a son she named Jonathon, also apparently out of wedlock, in She has learned a lot but has a lifetime to catch up on, a lot of research ahead of her if she wants to know the rest of the story, and she does.

Did Leo Barchand follow Peg to Turkey?

Was Jonathon just a half-brother, or was Leo also his father? She said he loved children and was very warm, easy-going.

Are They The Father? (GAME)

He liked to gamble. Hinshaw-Osgood has gone to Scotland to see the region where the Dawsons originated, and to Kansas to see where Peg ended up. She has gone to Paris and plans to visit the region of Canada where the Barchands are from. She has two ring-binders, one for each of the birth parents, to help her keep track of what she has learned so far, and she looks forward to , when federal records will be released that could reveal year-old information that will further her research.

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Her life has become full with research and exciting findings. Probably from Peg. Her own willingness to go on whirlwind adventures as a Peace Corps volunteer to central Africa, or to Kansas, France or Scotland on a genealogy expedition?

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How about that? Was she trying to find me? It was the Hinshaws that raised her, and she would not trade the life she lived for an imagined life that she never lived.

1. Eye Color, Hair Color, And Earlobe Test

Five years ago, my thinking was I will never know. It just added to it. Start out right and make this the year that you step into your Soul self, your authentic power, the person you were created to be! This e-course is for both those who know where they want to go and those who have no clue! When you do, I'll enter your name into a monthly drawing to win a free session. Want multiple chances to win? Plus 3 Mini Angel Stories. Get the Plugin and then copy and paste this code in your WordPress:. More options.

Who's Your Daddy?

Many times that parent is now on the Other Side and this news comes with a Email juliejancius gmail. Get this podcast on your phone, FREE. You may also like Witchy Woman Podcast 1. Hope for the Caregiver 1. Christ is All: Frank Viola Audio 3. The Insurgence Podcast 1.